One-visit Dentistry. Restorations made while you wait.

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Imagine top quality fillings, crowns and veneers – in one, single visit.
It’s all possible at Dental Arts Hawaii with the CEREC system.  We create precisely-designed, color-matched and highly durable ceramic restorations right in our office. From simple fillings to full crowns to veneers, our dentists deliver the results you need in a single dental appointment.

No temporaries. No uncomfortable impression trays. No second visit.
Dental Arts Hawaii has an on-site milling machine that creates your biocompatible all-ceramic, color-matched restoration in about 15 minutes.   There is even free WIFI for you as you wait for your new restoration. We believe you deserve the latest in dental technology which makes for superior results and fewer appointments. We are proud to offer the CEREC system to you and invite you to learn more about how CEREC can benefit you.

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The Wand anesthesia

Don’t like traditional needle syringes? Neither do we.

We agree with you; traditional needles are not fun. That’s why we at Dental Arts Hawaii have done away with them. Instead of getting the “dreaded needle”, we use The Wand™ to deliver all anesthesia.  This new technology delivers anesthesia precisely and more effectively with computer-controlled precision. It doesn’t look like a syringe. It doesn’t hurt like a syringe. And there is less lingering numbness in your tongue, lips and face.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Call 625-6300 if you’d like to learn more about this amazing technology or visit our page about The Wand™, painless injections.



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Stiff tired jaws and teeth sensitivityNightguard Mouth Guard

Have you ever woken up with a stiff, tired jaw, neck or shoulders?  Or do you experience teeth sensitivity to cold liquids?  If so, you might be grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep.  Not only does it interfere with the quality of your sleep, grinding your teeth can wear down your natural tooth enamel.  Teeth grinding is referred to as bruxism in the medical field.  Bruxism can cause up to 80 times the normal wear per day compared to someone who does not grind their teeth.

Simple, custom solution: Orthotic Nightguard

A customized mouth guard worn at night can reduce the risk of wear and tear on your teeth.  Dental Arts Hawaii custom fits nightguards for patients.  The results?  Patients experience relief from head, neck, jaw and shoulder pain along with protecting their existing teeth, dental restorations, crowns, bridges, implants and dentures.  Safe and comfortable, acrylic nightguards will improve the quality of your dental life.

If you suspect (or know) that you suffer from bruxism, call us today at 808-625-6300 to schedule an appointment.

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